Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Choosing the Setting

We spent quite some time searching for a wedding venue (mostly virtually) before we decided on the Dallidet Adobe.  Originally, we thought we wanted to do a barn wedding, but we also wanted to be near the coast.  We didn't want to get married in the north county, as it was going to be during the summer.  I thought Big Sur would be awesome, but guess what?  Big Sur is really expensive.  So that was just a dream.  We visited a few barns in Cayucos, that for one reason or another wouldn't work out.  I searched all over the internet to find a unique venue that suited us, but I wasn't finding it yet.  We thought of the "secret garden" that we had seen near Graham's condo, behind Scolari's Market in SLO.  We decided to check out their website, but it gave us the impression that they were no longer holding weddings there.  We decided to go look anyway, on one of the days that they were open to the public.  Turned out, they had just started holding weddings again, and it was the perfect setting for our wedding.  It just felt like us!

The Dallidet Adobe is an old adobe from the 1850's, owned by the SLO Historical Society, and surrounded by beautiful gardens in the middle of downtown San Luis Obispo.  We could never really tell what it was when we had passed by and just peered through the fence.  But it really is like a secret garden inside the fence and the perfect setting for a wedding.

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