Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: The Cake

Once the reception started I was able to get a look at our cake for the first time.  We worked with Christy from Morning Star Creations in San Luis Obispo.  She's the only employee and works out of her home, and makes amazing cakes.  We weren't too picky, except we knew we wanted a simple, fondant-free cake.  Christy makes beautiful cakes that are smooth and perfect, and not too frilly.  She showed us pictures of cakes and we picked out our design and colors.  I liked the dots, and Graham liked the swirls so we made each tier different and went with our light yellow and green color scheme.

Adornments, our florist, put the succulents and orchids on the cake when Christy set it up.  I was so pleased with how our cake looked.  Oh and by the way, it tasted delicious too!  It had ollalieberry filling which is Graham's favorite.  And the cake itself was perfectly done. 

Our cake topper was something special for us.  The vintage topper was a family piece that was an anniversary topper for my great great grandparents and then my mom used it at her wedding.  I also just think it is one of the cutest little vintage toppers I've seen.

I think we might still have some of the cake in my parent's freezer in their garage, I wonder if it's still good.

All photos by Allyson Magda

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