Monday, May 23, 2011

Three Speckled Hens

My mom and I went to the Three Speckled Hens antique show in Paso Robles this weekend.  We always love that antique show and were very excited to go.  It was super busy and stuff was flying out of there when we arrived, but there was plenty of good stuff still there.  I found a few things and so did my mom.  It was definitely a success and we can't wait until the next one in October.

I've started adding to the Pyrex that I have and decided that I am in fact collecting it.  I picked up a set of four red 12 oz square bowls.  These bowls were originally sold in a set, with a large bowl as well and called the hostess oven and table set.  They are such cute little bowls and are the perfect size for dip or a scoop of ice cream.  I will most definitely put them to use.

I also got an old type tray.  I have plans of hanging this on the wall in our office/guest bedroom which will soon become an office/craft room (more to come on the craft room front).  I'm going to display little knick knacks in the tray because they always get lost on larger shelves.

When we got back from the show my mom gave me her large Pyrex bowl that she had, so now I have the whole set.  They may not all be in perfect shape, but I like to use them, so they work great for me.

 That's the large bowl in the back and the small ones up front.  So that was my first Pyrex purchase since I started "collecting" it.  I better get out to the thrift stores soon to find more!

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