Friday, February 11, 2011


I recently joined Pinterest, and I have to say that it is pretty awesome, but at the same time a bit overwhelming.  I can spend a long time just staring at all of the pretty photos.  I find that I want to pin them all to my boards.  The site acts as a virtual bulletin board of sorts.  You can create different boards for different themes in order to collect your visual inspiration.  And inspiration it is, but right now it makes me want to turn the office into a craft room, make beautiful foods, get pretty tattoos (don't worry, that one's just a crazy fantasy), and create gorgeous flower arrangements all at the same time.

See, just look at these little bear breads, I need them in my life:

Source: via CollectedNest on Pinterest

So, go join Pinterest and add more pins for me to find and drool over.  You can follow me while you're there.


  1. Ok seriously. You are blogging about olive oil, melted cheese, crafty things, and sewing. I know I'm just your mom's wierd friend, but I may have to apply to be your new BFF. love it all. Graham, I'll be your BFF too if you'd like. p.s.-love the fabric on the bag. It's a good thing I don't live up there. I'd be broke.

  2. @karin thanks for the generous comment! We're always up for sharing with our friends, and that means you!