Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A day after

Happy day after Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day, even if you think of it as a corporate holiday, still means something to me. It's not necessarily something I wait for year after year, but when it comes around I make sure to turn it into something special. To help with that I took the day off of work :)

I started the day off getting Julie blueberry muffins, the kind she really likes with sugar crystals on top. We took the opportunity to enjoy breakfast in bed, lounged around, and turned the day into one of rest and relaxation.

Around two o'clock we decided it would be fun to go see a movie. We already had reservations at Novo in San Luis Obispo for dinner, so we realized seeing a movie around four o'clock would lead right into the dinner. Looking at movie times we decided on "True Grit", the cowboy movie with Jeff Bridges. It was okay, but I feel like it could have done with a bit more story line. Half the dialog I could barely understand, because it turns out the grit was in everyone's lower lip. Oh well, it was still nice to enjoy a movie in our favorite local theater. If you've never been to
Arroyo Grande Regal Cinemas it's one of those theaters where every screen has stadium seating and the armrests lift up so you can get comfy with your significant other.

On our way from Arroyo Grande to San Luis Obispo it started drizzling. One of the really cool things about Novo is their outdoor patio dining. Two things that don't go well together: patio dining and rain. No worries, we were still going to enjoy the rest of our date. Turns out Novo has a swanky dinner setting in their basement, believe it or not. I suppose we should have expected that from our favorite restaurant in SLO. We shared a few appetizers and ordered our own entrées: Julie got a petite filet with bleu cheese sauce and I got a lamb shank. Julie's filet was the better of our two dishes in my opinion.

All in all, the day was wonderful. Spending the day with Julie was exactly what I needed and what Valentine's is all about. Next year should be even better!

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