Thursday, February 10, 2011

Grilled cheese for grown ups

Before I jump in and start claiming the virtues of delicious little grilled cheese sandwiches I should introduce myself. Hi, I'm Graham, and it is my pleasure sharing with you some of my interests alongside my wife's posts.  My primary focus on here will be culinary but I'll try to write about other topics from time to time.

Anyway, about those sandwiches...  They're really dead simple.  I mean come on, they're grilled cheese.  So what makes the ones we enjoyed today any different?  Easy: olive oil.

For some time we've been making crustinis by spreading olive oil on little slices of sourdough and broiling them to make nice little snacks with cuts of cheese and grapes.  Today I really wanted a grilled cheese sandwich and realized I could do something similar.  I poured some olive oil, just a thin layer really, in our non-stick Green Pan and laid out four slices of sourdough.  I also put some olive oil in a measuring cup for later.  I then took hand shredded cheese and laid it on the bread.  I let the bread fry until it turned a beautiful golden brown at which point I topped the cheese with the other slice of bread and put some olive oil on and flipped.  Some of the cheese escaped but that led to nice crispy bits on the outside of the sandwiches.  I then just waited for that side to brown and plated them.  They looked great and tasted even better!

Julie swears she tasted a bit of onion.  Whether it was true or just her imagination we're going to try adding a little onion to the oil next time to give it just a little more zing.  Come back later and I promise we'll have pictures.

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