Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: More Succulents

I already talked about how I had succulents in my bouquet, and there were succulents on our wedding cake. Well, we also used succulents as our wedding favors.

We ordered a bunch of little 2-inch succulents online from Cactus Limon.  I was worried about getting the succulents through the mail, but it was the best price considering we were ordering over one hundred of them.  The succulents all arrived at my parents' doorstep safe and sound in a big box.  We got little terra cotta pots at Michaels (they were having a sale on all the pots and we went to a few locations to get enough), then we sponge painted them to look mossy.  We planted a little succulent in each pot, then topped them each with sea glass that my mom and I had collected.  I put all of the succulents out in my back yard to stay in a nice sunny spot until the wedding, and they were doing great.  That is, until the weekend before our wedding when there was record-breaking heat.  It was something like 110 degrees in our backyard, and it was too late for some of my little succulents by the time that I thought about them.  Some of them were really wilted and sun-burnt so I had to go out and buy more locally.  The wilted ones made a comeback, not in nearly enough time for the wedding, but now I have them growing in our backyard as another reminder of our wedding.  After that, it was smooth sailing for the succulents (and for us), as it was a lovely 70-ish degrees on the day of our wedding.

I really loved our choice to use succulents as the favors.  It is so much fun to hear from our guests, a few years later now, that they still have the succulents from our wedding.  It makes us feel good to know that everyone is still caring for and enjoying them long after the wedding is over.

All photos by Allyson Magda

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