Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garage Sale Saturday

Last Saturday we got up early and headed to San Luis to go to garage sales.  I made a list of all the garage sales I had found on Craigslist the night before and then I left it at home, so we just wove our way through the streets until we found them.  We also made a stop for donuts to fuel our adventure.  It was definitely a popular garage sale day.  Cal Poly had just let out, so students were prepping to leave town and the weather was just beautiful.

We hit one where the woman told us she was moving that week and everything had to go, so make an offer.  I found a nice Pyrex Spring Blossom 2.5 quart casserole dish for 25 cents!  When she said 25 cents, I was like, "25 cents?!" and she told me I shouldn't question the prices.  I really was shocked though, I was willing a pay at least a few bucks for it.  So I happily handed over my quarter.

A little later Graham found something he was looking for too.  He found a vintage Royal typewriter.  Our plans are to hang a bunch of old typewriters on the wall in the office.  So we added this one, for 10 bucks, to my cursive typewriter that I already have, and we'll keep looking for more to add to our collection.  We tried it out when we got home and it works well if we ever want to use it.

That was all we brought home with us, but we had plenty of fun.  We ate donuts for breakfast and that always makes it a good morning in my book.

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