Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: The Food

We really lucked out with the food for our wedding reception.  We were lucky enough to have a family friend who is a caterer, and was willing to do the food for our wedding.  We were able to work with her and have everything that we wanted.

We started with a "lemonade hour" after the ceremony.  Lemonade, mimosas, and water was served as well as a beautiful spread of fruits, veggies, and cheeses.  I'm sure it was all as delicious, as it was beautiful but we were so busy taking pictures and hugging people that I hardly got a chance to see it, let alone taste it.

We did get to enjoy the food at the reception.  We couldn't settle on just one thing, so our buffet was a multicultural feast.  We had enchiladas, lasagna, salads, and more, as well as thai food from our favorite thai restaurant.  And it was all delicious!

We were so glad that our friends that own Jasmine Thai Cuisine in Morro Bay were able to personally deliver a tray of one of our favorite dishes.  And they were also able to stay for the ceremony, before they had to head off and open the restaurant for the day.

All photos by Allyson Magda

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