Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays

I haven't really documented our wedding in any way.  I haven't even completed our wedding album and it's been almost 3 years(!)  How has that happened?  I started a blog back in 2007 when we got engaged with the intention of writing a wedding blog that would go through the whole planning process.  I had lofty goals of writing for Weddingbee, but I was such a horrible blogger then that I think I got two posts out by the time we were married over a year later.  So I'm going to take Wednesdays as a day to share our wedding photos which deserve a moment in the spotlight, since they are currently just on my hard drive.

Our day was perfect for us, but I still love weddings and fantasize about having another wedding (to Graham again of course) in an alternate location with an alternate theme (so maybe I'll also post a little pretty wedding inspiration from around the web too). Here's a peek at what's to come on Wednesdays:

All Photos by Allyson Magda

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