Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Viewmasters

Something really fun we did my brother did for our wedding was to make viewmasters of some pictures of Graham and I for guests to look at during the reception.

 If you don't remember what viewmasters are, they are those little plastic viewers that show a reel of 3-D pictures and you might have had one as a kid.  My brother has a camera that can take the 3-D pictures.  So he took some fun pictures of us around different locations and then he made them into the viewmaster reels.

Each table at the reception had a viewmaster with a different reel of pictures.  It was a super fun way to keep people entertained and share some pictures.

All photos by Allyson Magda

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  1. The crossed out "we did" made me laugh! Thanks! See you two on Saturday.