Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: The Dress

How have not written a post about my dress?!  It's one of the things that make you really feel like a bride on your wedding day.  It's one of the things people ask you about when you're planning your wedding.  Wedding dresses take up at least half of bridal magazines with just the ads alone.  So it's definitely a top priority for most brides.  I looked through all of those bridal magazines and looked online.  I was drawn to all of the seriously expensive gowns.  I never really imagined myself walking down the aisle with a crazy train on the back of my dress.  I wanted something fun and cute (just like me ;) ).  My mom and I went to our first bridal salon and I tried dresses on, but nothing wowed me.  We then went to Down the Aisle in Arroyo Grande and it felt better the moment we walked in the door.  It just felt super nice and special.  We looked at all of the dresses.  I tried on many dresses and decided I liked the look of cap sleeves.  I also asked if they had any short dresses, and they had one.  My mom said when I tried that one on, she saw my toes curl up and a smile spread across my face.  That was the one.

And guess what, this one had optional cap sleeves - perfect!  It was Essense of Australia D594.  I don't think it's available anymore, I saved this picture from the website when it was.  But now there are a lot more short dresses to choose from, so you don't have to worry about having a crazy train if you don't want one.

And now some gratuitous pictures of me in my dress:

I loved my dress, and I can't imagine having had any other one for our wedding day.  

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