Saturday, April 28, 2012

26 Before 27

So today is my 26th birthday and I have decided to make a list of 26 goals that I wish to accomplish before my next birthday.  I'm really excited about working on these goals and I hope that sharing this list and my progress will help me to finish them by this time next year.  So without further ado, here's the list:

1. Open my Etsy store
2. Make my first sale on Etsy
3. Buy myself an iPhone (once completing goal #2)
4. Brand my business
5. Build a chicken coop
6. Grow plants from seed
7. Build raised beds
8. Try a new recipe each week
9. Lose 50 lbs
10. Run a 10k
11. Go kayaking
12. Complete an embroidery project
13. Complete a polymer clay project
14. Sew myself an item of clothing
15. Sew myself a purse
16. Sew a quilt
17. Design a fabric collection
18. Take a photo everyday (
19. Upgrade to a better camera
20. Work on blog networking/making blog friends
21. Update my blog at least once per week
22. Go to a concert
23. Read one book per month
24. Travel to some place new (other than Hawaii)
25. Go to Hawaii
26. Make an effort towards finishing my art degree

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