Monday, August 1, 2011

Tiny Drawers

One weekend back, Graham and I went to a few yard sales.  The only thing I bought was this tiny set of metal drawers.  You can tell that it was originally an army green sort of color, but was then painted a horrible wash of white with pastel blue and purple.

I think the picture makes them look better than they did, the paint was a flat paint that was rough with brush strokes.  I had some yellow spray paint on hand from another project so I sprayed on what seemed like a million thin coats of paint to cover the previous paint job.  It immediately looked better, but it was just all yellow and I decided it needed some contrast in the label holders.  So I worked on the label holders to get them back into their shapes for holding labels and scraped out anything left over, that had previously been painted over.  I accidentally chipped off some of the yellow paint in the process, but I decided with its imperfect silhouette, it also needed an imperfect paint job.  So I chipped off some paint on the corners and such for a more worn look.  Then to finish the unit, I made some labels by spray painting some pieces of card stock with chalk board paint to create chalk board labels.  I thought the black labels offered a nice contrast to the yellow drawers.  And now I can label and re-label what is inside the drawers.  The unit itself is only about 18 inches tall and I think its going to look very cute in my future craft room.

Speaking of my future craft room, this weekend we went down south to visit my family.  While we were down that way we took a trip to not one, but two Ikeas.  We also dropped of the twin bed that was in our office/guest room/craft room to its new owners making room for a craft desk and all that comes with it.  So we are a few steps closer to creating my craft room/Graham's office and I am so excited.  I will be sure to share all of the progress here as we get to work.

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